Cap Sealing Machine

Cap Sealing Machine are the industrial setup that helps to provide a tight seal on bottles. These can be used for both plastic and glass containers to place an airtight cap on their open ends to avoid any contact with contaminations and helps to maintain the quality of the liquid stored in the bottles. Cap Sealing Machine are fast in their operation and are able to seal 100 to 200 bottles per minute. They are available in various models that are classified as per their specifications. The material used fro the manufacturing of these machines are strong and hard which increases the service life. 

Automatic Ropp Screw Cap Sealing Machine

Introducing our Automatic Ropp Screw Cap Sealing Machine, designed to streamline the bottle sealing process with its advanced automation capabilities. Featuring a sleek silver finish and weighing 650 kg, this machine is compact and efficient, with dimensions of 1500 x 750 x 1500 mm. With a voltage of 240V, this Automatic Ropp Screw Cap Sealing Machine provides reliable and consistent performance. Its automatic grade automation ensures precision and ease of use, while its screw cap sealing mechanism allows for a secure and tight seal.

Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

Bottle Crown Capping Machine

Lug Capping Machine

Our Lug Capping Machine is a highly advanced and efficient capping solution, designed for use in various industries. With its automatic grade automation and electric-driven operation, it provides fast and precise capping, streamlining the packaging process. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to operate, and its high-quality components ensure long-lasting performance. Additionally, this Lug Capping Machine is versatile and can handle various bottle sizes and shapes. It is an essential investment for any business seeking to improve their capping efficiency and productivity.

Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

Our Bottle Cap Sealing Machine is highly beneficial to people as it streamlines and improves the bottle sealing process. It provides fast, precise, and consistent sealing, increasing overall productivity and reducing labor costs. It is suitable for various industries. Additionally, its tight and secure sealing mechanism ensures that products remain fresh and uncontaminated, providing consumers with high-quality products. By investing in our Bottle Cap Sealing Machine, businesses can streamline their packaging processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

Vial Sealing Machine

ROPP Cap Sealing Machine


ROPP Cap Sealing Machine is used in various industrial facilities at the packaging units to cover the bottle with a seal cover which acts as a barrier to prevent the admission of the contaminations into the liquid and also helps to avoid spilling of the raw materials from the plastic or glass containers. It is fabricated by using best grade materials which provides greater strength and increases the service life of the machinery. ROPP Cap Sealing Machine is provided with a small conveyor unit which helps in easy handling of the containers from one end to another.

Electric Cap Sealing Machine


Electric Cap Sealing Machine is a semi-automatic packaging machinery which is used to tightly placing of the screwed caps on the bottles to prevent the spillage of the raw material stored inside the container. It is capable to handle a large number of bottle at a time which increases the productivity of the system. Electric Cap Sealing Machine is equipped with a high speed electric motor which is used to rotate a rotor which forces the male threads of the cap to get fixed with female threads of the bottle. The whole system is mounted on a rigid frame which consist of the wirings and the control buttons to start and stop the device.

Cap Sealing Machine

In the view of our knowledge in this market, our company is known as a famous manufacturer of Cap Sealing Machine. Our offered sealing machine is ideal to be used in industries for capping functioning of plastic and glass made bottle neck with high threaded cap. Our highly trained professionals manufacture this machine by using premium grade material at our advance production unit. To satisfy the different industrial requirements, we offer Cap Sealing Machine in various sizes, capacities & specifications. 

Technical Specifications :

  • Total SS GMP Model
  • All Cap Contact parts & Body structure built up S.S. 304.
  • Machine Direction Left to Right
  • Machine Farm made SS-40mm Square Pipe and covered by SS sheet
  • Output 100 to 200 Vials / Min.
  • Cap Seal Capacity 13mm to 20mm, Vial dia 17mm to 45mm with help of change parts. No cap- Machine stop system.
  • Suitable for flip-off, tear-off cap.
  • infeed / Outfeed Star wheel equipped with safety clutch for automatic stoppage of machine in case of jamming / overloading.
  • Power Characteristics: 440 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 4 Wire Systems.
  • Over all dimension: L- 1800mm, W- 900mm, H- 1800 mm.
  • Electric Power : 230v, single Phase,50 Hz
  • Imported Motor and Gear Box

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